Congratulations Recapture Tournament Winners!

Thank you to all our participants in the 2014 tournament.

This month CAST wrapped up its first Recapture Tournament. Participating Everglades anglers scan fish year-round, but this time from January 1st to May 31st all recaptures were entered into a tournament! We ended the event with a total of 19 recaptures: 17 largemouth bass and 2 snook, which is an amazing accomplishment for the first tournament! Overall, 535 Florida bass, 92 snook, and 8 redfish were scanned for tags during this time. Every recapture is crucial, as each one increases our knowledge of the fishery. This tournament brings CAST to a total of 145 recaptures, of which about 35% have been caught by Everglades recreational anglers! Congratulations to everyone!

Here are the tournament winners:

For Snook Recaptures:
1st place, Dave Rose (Key Largo, FL) – 2 recap

For Florida Bass Recaptures
1st place, Jason Nedimyer (Orlando, FL) -4 recaps

2nd place, Larry Frischman (Key Largo, FL) – 3 recaps

3rd place, Todd Schnieder (Key Largo, FL) &
Jeff Nedimyer (Orland, FL) – 2 recaps

1st place snook recapture winner Dave Rose

1st place bass recapture winner Jason Nedimyer

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