Congratulations Recapture Tournament Winners!

Thank you to all our participants in the 2014 tournament.

This month CAST wrapped up its first Recapture Tournament. Participating Everglades anglers scan fish year-round, but this time from January 1st to May 31st all recaptures were entered into a tournament! We ended the event with a total of 19 recaptures: 17 largemouth bass and 2 snook, which is an amazing accomplishment for the first tournament! Overall, 535 Florida bass, 92 snook, and 8 redfish were scanned for tags during this time. Every recapture is crucial, as each one increases our knowledge of the fishery. This tournament brings CAST to a total of 145 recaptures, of which about 35% have been caught by Everglades recreational anglers! Congratulations to everyone!

Here are the tournament winners:

For Snook Recaptures:
1st place, Dave Rose (Key Largo, FL) – 2 recap

For Florida Bass Recaptures
1st place, Jason Nedimyer (Orlando, FL) -4 recaps

2nd place, Larry Frischman (Key Largo, FL) – 3 recaps

3rd place, Todd Schnieder (Key Largo, FL) &
Jeff Nedimyer (Orland, FL) – 2 recaps

1st place snook recapture winner Dave Rose

1st place bass recapture winner Jason Nedimyer

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My recapture story for the Everglades…

     In February I had an opportunity to fish with my favorite group of anglers from the Keys. For the past 30 years this group of fishermen has faithfully made it every month to the backcountry to fish. They were the inspiration for the Coastal Angler Science Team (CAST), the “original-members” before CAST officially came to be.  For the past two years they have been regularly scanning their catches for “recaptures” (previous fish we tagged with internal microchips, “PIT-tags”).  This group alone has caught over 30 recaptures, about half of the current CAST totals.


Photo by: Jessica Lee
Snook catch and release

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The Miami Herald spends a day with CAST

Last month the Miami Herald joined CAST for a day on the water! Read the full interview of our Keys volunteers here

Three volunteer fishermen from the Upper Keys fish the Upper Shark River as part of the Coastal Angler Science Team (CAST) formed by FIU graduate student Jessica Lee. Susan Cocking / Miami Herald Staff


FIU news covers CAST!

Environmental studies graduate student Jessica Lee tags and releases a largemouth bass in the Everglades


FIU News features the Coastal Angler Science Team in last month’s publication. The article describes  CAST research, how we tag fish, and the importance of angler involvement.

Check out the entire article here: